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Base - cement placed under a dental restoration to insulate the pulp (nerve chamber) from temperature changes

Bicuspid or pre-molar - transitional teeth behind the cuspids . They usually have two cusps buccal and lingual cusps hence the name, bicuspids.

Bifurcation (trifurcation) - juncture of separation of two (three) roots from the root trunk in posterior teeth

Biopsy - removal of a small piece of tissue for microscopic examination

Bioinert - Property of a material that elicits no reaction of the body such as immune response or inflammation

Biomaterial - Non-viable material used to replace part of the living system or function in contact with the living system

Biointegration - Bonding of living tissue to a biomaterial or implant

Bioabsorbable - Property of a material to degrade or dissolve inside the body by the body mechanisms

Bite - relationship of the upper and lower teeth on closure (occlusion) to each other

Bite wings - caries (decay) detection x-rays showing the crowns of the upper and lower molars in the section x-rayed

Black hairy tongue - elongated papillae on the tongue, promoting the growth of microorganisms

Bleaching - chemical or laser treatment of natural teeth for whitening effect

Block injection -anesthesia of a nerve trunk that covers a large area of the jaw ; for example a mandibular block injection produces numbness of the lower jaw, teeth, half the tongue and lip on the side injected.

Block Graft - Autogenous bone or Bone Allograft stabilized in the recipient site with screws. Used when there is a huge bone defect

Bonding - adhesive dental restoration technique; a tooth-colored composite resin to repair and/or change the color or shape of a tooth

Bone resorption - decrease in bone supporting the roots of teeth; a common result of periodontal (gum) disease, caused by toxins released by the micro-organisms in plaque

Bone Augmentation - Procedure that corrects bone deficiency by using a graft.

Bone Atrophy - Decrease in dimension of bone due to bone loss.

Braces - devices used by orthodontists to gradually reposition teeth to a more favorable alignment

Bridge – fixed dental prosthesis replacing one or more missing teeth ; cemented or bonded to supporting teeth or implants adjacent to the space

Bruxism – involuntary, unconscious, destructive grinding of the teeth, most commonly while the patient is asleep. Characterized by extensive wear of teeth , sensitive teeth and soreness of jaw joints upon awakening

Bruxomania - persistent "nervous" grinding of the teeth while the patient is awake

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