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Gulf Dental Center

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DDS - Doctor of Dental Surgery - equivalent to DMD

DMD - Doctor of Medical Dentistry - equivalent to DDS

Decay -destruction of tooth structure caused by acids produced by plaque microorganisms

Deciduous teeth - commonly called "baby teeth," the first set of (usually) twenty teeth which begin to erupt at 5-6 months of age .Eruption is completed at the age of 21/2-3 years of age.

Delayed Loading - Refers to the time of applying force on an implant by means of a temporary prosthesis after initial placement. This time depends on the quality of bone and primary stability of the implant.

Dentin –inner sensitive layer of tooth structure, immediately under the surface enamel

Dental implant -a (usually) titanium cylinder surgically placed in the bone of the upper or lower jaw to provide support for a dental restoration or appliance

Dentition - the arrangement of natural or artificial teeth in the mouth

Denture - removable (partial or complete) set of artificial teeth

Diastema - space between teeth

Diagnostic wax-up - Laboratory procedure in which teeth are created in wax according to the planned restoration. It may be used to evaluate the feasibility of a proposed plan and to fabricate a radiographic template, a surgical guide, or laboratory guides.

Disuse Atrophy - Diminution in the density and/or dimension resulting from inactivity.

Donor Site - Area of the body from which graft is harvested

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