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Gulf Dental Center

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Facing - tooth colored overlay on the visible portion of a crown to alter the shape and color of the tooth; may be acrylic, composite or porcelain

Failed implant - An implant that is mobile and symptomatic.

Filling - restoration of lost tooth structure with metal, porcelain or resin materials to re-establish function and esthetics

Fistula - channel emanating pus from an infection site; a gum boil

Fixed Prosthesis - A restoration that is not removable by the patient.

Flap surgery - lifting of gum tissue to expose and clean underlying tooth and bone structures

Forceps - instrument used for removal of teeth

Forensic dentistry - practice of gathering legal evidence for body identification or judicial issues

Freeze-dried bone allograft - Bone harvested from donor cadavers, washed, immersed in ethanol, frozen in nitrogen, freeze dried and ground to similar particles ranging from 250-750 microns.

Full denture -removable dental prosthesis (appliance) replacing all upper or lower teeth

Full mouth reconstruction -extensive restorations of natural teeth with crowns and or fixed bridges/implants to re-establish normal relation of the teeth to each other and the jaws

Frenectomy -removal or reshaping of thin muscle tissue that attaches the upper or lower lips to the gum, or the tongue to the floor of the mouth

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