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Gulf Dental Center

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HA -Hydroxyapatite

Halitosis -bad breath of oral or gastrointestinal origin

Heimlich Maneuver -technique employed by rescuer for obstruction of victim's airway

Hematoma -swelling of effused blood beneath tissue surface

HMO or DMO -health (dental) maintenance organization which specifies a health care (dental) provider a patient may see

Hygienist -dental auxiliary who cleans teeth and provides patient education; administers local anesthetic, nitrous oxide and performs periodontal scaling

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy -Treatment modality where a patient is placed in a pressurized chamber that allows for the delivery of oxygen in high concentrations for therapeutic purposes. It is sometimes used prior to implant therapy or extractions for patients who underwent radiation therapy in the head and neck areas to reduce the risks of osteoradionecrosis.

Hyperemia -increased blood flow to a region

Hyperplasia - Excessive enlargement of a tissue due to increase in the number of cells.

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