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Gulf Dental Center

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Immediate Implant Placement - Placement of an implant at the time of dental extraction into the extraction socket.

Impacted tooth - If a tooth fails to emerge or emerges partially and remains embedded in soft gingiva (gum) tissue or bone is wedged against another tooth beyond its normal eruption time it is impacted.

Implant Dentistry - Field of dentistry that deals with the diagnosis, surgical placement, prosthetic reconstruction, and maintenance of dental implants

Implant - artificial titanium cylindrical device replacing tooth root; may anchor an artificial crown, bridge or denture

Implant supported prosthesis - A restoration that derives its entire support from dental implants.

Implant – tissue supported prosthesis - A prosthesis that derives its support from a combination of intra oral tissues and dental implants.

Impression - mold made of the teeth and soft tissues

Incision and drainage - surgical incision of an abscess to drain suppuration (pus)

Incisors - four upper and four lower front teeth, excluding the cuspids (canine teeth)

Infiltration -local anesthetic procedure effective for upper teeth, lower anterior teeth and soft tissue; involves placement of anesthetic under the gum, allowing it to seep into bone

Inlay - indirect - filling made by a dental laboratory that is cemented or bonded into place, direct - placement of dental composite resin restoration at chairside

Interproximal - surfaces of adjoining teeth

Interocclusal – space between upper and lower teeth

Intraoral camera - a small video camera used to view and magnify oral conditions;images may be printed

In vitro - Outside of the living organism or natural system

In vivo - Within the living organism or natural system

Isografts - A tissue graft transplanted from one genetically identical individual to another as in identical twins.

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