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Gulf Dental Center

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Malocclusion -"bad bite" or misalignment of the upper and lower teeth or jaw

Mandible -the lower jaw

Mandibular canal -is the canal within the mandible that houses the nerve and blood vessels that supply the lower jaw and teeth.

Maryland bridge -a bridge that is bonded to the back of the adjacent teeth; requires minimum tooth reduction .Usually used to replace a missing anterior tooth.

Mastication -process of chewing food

Maxilla -the upper jaw

Maxillary Sinus -Air cavity inside the body of the maxilla

Meniscus -capsular cushion between temporomandibular joint and glenoid fossa (part of the base of the skull)

Milk teeth -deciduous (baby) teeth

Molars – cusped (4-5 cusps) posterior teeth in each dental quadrant used for grinding food.

Moniliasis (thrush) - opportunistic fungal infection after prolonged administration of antibiotics ; not uncommon in the mouth

Mucogingival junction (MGJ) - junction of thick, attached gingival tissue around the teeth and the unattached loose mucous lining of the cheeks and lips

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