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Gulf Dental Center

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Palate - hard and soft tissue forming the roof of the mouth

Palliative treatment - non invasive treatment for pain relief

Panoramic Radiograph - A radiographic view showing both the entire upper and the lower jaw in one film

Parasthesia - tingling, pricking, or numbness sensation (altered sensation)of a person's skin , more generally known as the feeling of pins and needles;may be temporary or permanent

Partial denture - removable dental prosthesis (appliance) replacing one or more natural teeth

Pathology - study of disease onset, course and duration

Periapical (PA) - region at the end of the roots of teeth

Peri-implantitis - Inflammatory reactions in the hard and soft tissues surrounding an implant exposed to the oral environment.

Periodontal surgery - recontouring or esthetic management of diseased gum and supporting tissue

Periodontist - dental specialist treating the gums and supporting soft and hard tissues retaining natural teeth and the surgical placement of dental implants

Pedodontics or pediatric dentistry - dental specialty specializing in the treatment of children

Periodontal chart – chart used to record pocket depths measurements around the teeth

Permanent teeth – second and final set of teeth in humans ; (usually) thirty-two adult teeth in a complete dentition

Pit - a small defect in the tooth enamel; junction of four formative lobes of a developing tooth

Placebo - inert medication or treatment that produces psychological benefit

Plaque - soft sticky substance that accumulates on teeth; composed of bacteria and food debris due to inadequate dental hygiene

Pontic – artificial tooth replacing one or two missing teeth ; part of a fixed bridge

Porcelain crown - all porcelain restoration covering the coronal portion of tooth (above the gum line) to reestablish function and esthetics

Porcelain fused to metal (PFM) crown - restoration with metal coping (for strength) covered by porcelain (for appearance)

Porcelain inlay or onlay – lab processed tooth-colored restoration made of porcelain, cemented or bonded in place

Porcelain veneers - a thin layer of porcelain, fabricated by a laboratory bonded to a natural tooth to replace lost tooth structure, close spaces, straighten teeth or change color and/or shape

Post - thin metal or fiber rod inserted into the root of a tooth after root canal therapy; provides retention for a "coping" that replaces lost tooth structure and retains crown

Post-core - post and buildup to replace lost tooth structure and retain crown

PPO or PDO - preferred provider (dental) organization which a health care (dental) provider may join, offering fee for service treatment at reduced fees

Prognosis - the anticipated outcome of treatment

Progressive loading - Gradual increase in the application of load on a prosthesis and thus on the implant

Prophylaxis – regular routine cleaning of the teeth for the prevention of periodontal disease and tooth decay

Prosthesis - An artificial replacement of a missing part of the body

Prosthodontist - dental specialist skilled in restoring or replacing teeth with fixed or removable prosthesis (appliance), maintaining proper occlusion; treats facial deformities with artificial prostheses such as eyes, ears, and noses

Pulp - the nerves, blood vessels and connective tissue inside a tooth

Pulp cap - a medicated covering over a small area of exposed pulp tissue to aid healing

Pulp chamber - the center or innermost portion of the tooth containing the pulp

Pulpectomy - complete removal of the infected pulp

Pulpitis - inflammation of the pulp; common cause of toothache; could be reversible or irreversible

Pulpotomy - partial removal of the pulp tissue commonly done in children teeth

Pyorrhea - older term for periodontal (gum) disease

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