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Gulf Dental Center

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Reimplantation – re-insertion and temporary fixation of partially or completely avulsed tooth or teeth back into the socket , resulting from traumatic injury

Reline - acrylic restoration of denture base to compensate for bone lossand soft tissue remolding ; direct: done at chairside(soft reline); indirect: in conjunction with a dental laboratory(lab reline )

Resorption - The loss of substance or bone by physiological or pathological means

Retained root - partial root structure remaining in jaw after extraction or fracture of a natural tooth

Ridge - The remainder of the alveolar process (socket) after tooth extraction

Ridge Preservation (extraction socket graft) - The immediate placement of a graft material in an extraction socket following removal of a tooth. This helps to preserve bone and soft tissue architecture

Root canal – interior canal system of the tooth

Root canal therapy - process of removing pulp of a tooth and filling it with an inert material

Root resection - removal of a portion of diseased root structure, retaining the remaining natural tooth

Rubber dam - soft latex sheet used to establish isolation of one or more teeth from contamination by oral fluids and to keep materials from falling to the back of the throat

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