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Gulf Dental Center

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Tartar - common term for dental calculus, a hard calcified deposit that adheres to teeth; produces rough surface that attracts plaque

Tissue bank - Laboratory specialized in the harvesting, processing, and sterilization of tissues from humans and animals

Tmd (or tmj disorder) - temperomandibular disorder; term given to condition characterized by facial pain and restricted ability to open or move the jaw

Tmj - the temporomandibular joint, the point where the lower jaw articulates with the skull

Tooth bud - early embryonic structure that differentiates into a tooth

Tooth whitening - a chemical or laser process to lighten the color of teeth

Topical anesthetic – gel that produces mild anesthesia when applied to tissue surface aiding painless penetration of the anesthetic needle for profound dental anesthesia

Torus – benign bony protuberance on the palate or lower jaw seen in some people

Transplant - placing a natural tooth in the empty socket of another tooth

Trench mouth - gum disease characterized by severe mouth ulcers ,halitosis and loss of tissue. See ANUG.

Tuberosity (maxillary) - It is the most distal portion of the maxillary ridge bilaterally. It may be used as a source of bone graft or serve as support for a prosthesis

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