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Gulf Dental Center

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Regular Dental Checkups: On your first visit to our office, we complete a Comprehensive Exam; a Full Mouth Series of X-Rays and a Prophylaxis (cleaning). Usually taking and hour and a half. We will discuss your dental needs and a recommended treatment plan. We will be thorough in our explanation answer any questions that you may have. Our team will go over your treatment plan with you answering any questions you may have regarding pricing, including any co-pay and/or insurance coverage. We will make sure that you are aware of your recommended treatment and ensure you receive future treatment in a timely manner.

Dental Sealants: Traditionally, sealants are thought of as a preventive measure for children and teenagers when they are in their “cavity prone years”. Patients who have xerostomia (decreased salivation), are undergoing orthodontic treatment, show evidence of incipient caries, or who are prone to caries should be evaluated as candidates for sealant placement. Molars also can benefit from the placement of sealants.

Space Maintainers: Some children lose baby teeth too early; they may be knocked out accidentally or be removed due to severe disease. When this occurs, a space maintainer may be required to prevent future dental problems. Space maintainers encourage normal development of the jaw bones and muscles, and save space for the permanent teeth and help guide them into position.

Fluoride Treatment: The fluoride ion comes from the element fluorine. Fluoride is either applied topically to erupted teeth or ingested orally (called systemic fluoride). Topical Fluoride is found in products such as toothpastes, mouth rinses, fluoridated varnishes and/or gels. Systemic Fluoride can be ingested through public and private water supplies, soft drinks, teas, as dietary supplements, and some bottled waters.

Regular Dental Exams & Cleanings
Dental Sealants
Space Maintainers
Fluoride Treatments

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